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First Code Academy Franchise in Thailand

First Code Academy Franchise In thailand
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First Code Academy

First Code Academy (FCA) is an innovation educational institute that teaches kids coding courses that encourage computational thinking and the entrepreneurial mindset.

The Mission of First Code Academy is to empower our next generation to be creators using technology

What is Coding?

  • Put simply, coding is a list of step-by-step instructions that get computers to do what you want them to do.
  • Coding makes it possible to create computer software, games, apps and websites.
  • Coding is hailed as the new universal language enabling communication across countries and cultures.
  • Coding encourages logical thinking, creative problem solving, and communication skills.
First Code Academy Class

With curriculum adapted from Silicon Valley, our goal is to equip each student with the knowledge and skills to transform their ideas into reality with code. Adopting a project-based learning approach in the classroom, our students apply programming concepts via hands-on challenges to solve different real world problems. In an increasingly technological world, we empower students with the skills and confidence to explore their creativity, take pride in their creations and pursue their interests.

Why First Code Academy®

  • Asia’s largest coding school in three countries: Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan
  • Over 5,000 students since 2013
  • Over 800 hours of curriculum
  • Over 40 modules starting from age 4 to 18
  • Cutting edge, systematic curriculum for age-specific students
  • World-class teaching team led by three MIT Master Trainers (only 50 certified globally)
  • Proven Student Success at regional and international conferences
  • STEM and coding facilitators from top universities
  • Annual AppJamming Summit organizer in 2015 and 2016
  • Over 600 Apps submitted
  • 5 First Code Academy teams participating at the MIT App Inventor Summit in Boston, USA


Core Programmes

  • Over 800 hours of curriculum
  • Over 40 modules starting from age 4 to 18
  • Cutting-edge topics and tools
  • Age-appropriate entry levels
  • Personalized progress
  • Consistent, regular terms
  • Maximum 1:8 teacher to students ratio

First Code Academy Class



First Code Academy (FCA) is Asia’s leading education institute that teaches kids coding courses and develops curriculum for K-12 students to learn not just coding skills, but computational thinking and entrepreneurship mindset.

Since launch in 2013, the team has taught over 2500 students in Hong Kong and Singapore with projects-based, small group learning environments.

No. of Directly Operated Units

First Code Academy®, headquartered in Hong Kong, is the largest children’s coding learning centre in Asia. First Code Academy® currently has two learning centres in Hong Kong, one in Singapore, and one in Taiwan.

No. of Franchise Units

In the process of negotiation in some countries.

Target country(s)/region(s)

Countries in Southeast Asia region, especially Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia etc.


  • Initial Intensive 2 to 3 week training at Hong Kong campus for leadership team, including General Manager/ Operation manager, and training manager.
  • Ongoing training online and via Video Conferencing
  • Additional Training of up to 5 people per annum (at cost)

Sales & Marketing Support

  • Brand Guidelines
  • Branded Artwork
  • Event content for Forums and information sessions.
  • Course and brand promotional videos
  • Organize AppJamming Summit
  • Guidance on Local Marketing Initiatives
  • Access to Hummingbird, an Online payment gateway
  • Access to an online transaction tracking system to follow signups in real time

Operation Supports

Designated full-time team providing International Support:

  • Pre and Post opening support
  • Assistance on location selection
  • Interior Campus Design (Conceptual)
  • Guidance on organizing open day
  • Collaborate international school contacts
  • Assistance in reaching out to startup communities

Franchise type

Master franchisee

Franchise (contract) Fee

Exclusive Territory Fee of USD125,000 and includes 1 center opening (paid upon signing of franchise agreement). If all of Thailand, then Territory Fee will be higher and will require a minimum of 10+ units to be developed in five years.

Unit Opening Fee of USD15,000 per unit (paid when unit is opened)


Royalty of 6.0% of gross sales

Marketing Fee

Marketing Ad Fund: 1.0% of gross sales

Franchise Term (Contract period)

License Term is 10 years + 10 years renewal

Development Schedule: Minimum of 5 learning centres in 5 years. Note a 5 unit development schedule will not grant exclusivity for all of Thailand.

Size of Unit

Center requirements

  • Initial Number of Classrooms : 2 to 4
  • Center size approximately 75 Sq.M. or 800 Sq.Ft
  • Equipments: Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Toy Robots and Printers.
  • Staff requirements: Center Manager, Full-Time instructor, and Part-time instructors (2-3)

Estimated Setup Cost (Initial Investment)

Investment amount is depended upon the location and size.

Sub-Franchising Allowed If learning centre is sub-franchised, 1/3 and 2/3 split of franchise fee and royalty for franchisor and master franchisee respectively