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Awajishima Curry

Client: Franchise Japan Date: July 24, 2017 Category:

Awajishima Curry cooperates with NPO Awaji Revitalization Promotion Committee and is handmade at Awajishima factory. In order to provide safety, security and authentic food, we operate it under the philosophy of cooperation with the local and urban stakeholders.

The characteristic of Awajishima curry is a deep taste that changes in three stages. First you feel sweetness, after a while you can taste richness and spicyness. Awajishima curry is the grace of Awajishima, and a deep taste interwoven of high-quality materials and blends, including awajishima premium onions with the highest sugar content in Japan, 9 kinds of fruits, chicken bones soup and demiglace sauce cooked from the ground in Awajishima factory, chili and 16 different spices.



Feb. 4, 2009


Awajishima (visiting before contract), Tokyo (training), your local (training)

Franchise type

Master franchisee

Franchise (contract) Fee

Please contact us for further information.


5% per outlet, 8%: local product sales in outlet

Size of Unit (Sqm.)




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