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Gyozaya Chao Chao

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Since December 1999 opened the Umeda store of the dumpling specialty store “Chao Chao” No. 1 store, “Gyoza” offers affordable, secure, safe, delicious dumplings OL, salaried workers in their 20’s to 30’s We are endorsed by a wide range of customers in the center.

Naniwa specialty Chao Chao dumplings

Chao Chao Dumpling

When you chew on the skin of crispy, overflowing meat juice.
And the delicious taste spreading throughout the mouth. Selected materials are domestic pork and vegetables produced locally. The crisp crust is extremely thin with a thickness of 0.9 mm.
In addition, Chao Chao’s own lucky wrapping, finally baked exquisitely with secret grilled water.
It has been continued eating more than 30 million meals since our establishment and it is the only one gyoza in long seller.

Nickname of dumplings and beer is outstanding

It is not reasoning, offering Asahi Super Dry which the body desires at 390 yen.
More than 70% of the staff including manager is qualified as a draft master, we are waiting for the best environment to have the most strong combination of dumplings and beer to be enjoyed without surplus.

Risk reduction of new business · store management

Now the life cycle of the business in the restaurant business is progressing at an unprecedented speed. Chao Chao Gyoza will diversify risk by lowering investment and expediting collection period against risks associated with obsolescence of business conditions and investment, and it propose to solve various management issues.

Enhancement of system to facilitate multi-store development

In the franchise package assuming multiple store deployment, the keyword “craftsmen’s need” is an important factor.
Even if it is not a craftsmen, the expressing and reproducing “delicious taste added one time” as the first priority, Chao Chao Gyoza continues researching day and night.

No matter how delicious it is, it is the person who delivers to the customer at the end.

The growth of the staff working at the store will encourage the revitalization of the organization, and the entire company will be revitalized. We are aiming to realize this spiral up from stores by realizing the development of multiple stores at an early stage, that motivates the staff engaged in service and leads to profits.

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