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Client: Franchise Japan Date: July 24, 2017 Category:

HANAFRU, (under Nakamura Co., Ltd., Japan) is developing brands of product and outlets that are particularly conscious of not only the taste and pleasure, but also the “health” aspect, which is indispensable for people to act vigorously, based on fruits.

“PARACHUTES “is a brand that specializes in cold pressed juice, pushing out the charm of fruit to the front. The cold pressed method, which is not an existing centrifugal type high-speed rotating juicer but rather crushed slowly at low speed rotation, suppresses the generation of heat by squeezing over time with a strong pressure, minimizing destruction of nutrients. As a result, juice is produced only with water contained in the fruit, which is characterized by a very high nutritional value.

HANAFRU proposes a new health habit firmly complementing nutrients indispensable for beauty and health which tend to be lacking in our lives.




November, 1984

Franchise type

Area Development franchisee

Franchise (contract) Fee

JPY30 million (approx. USD250000)

Size of Unit (Sqm.)

60 square meter, take-out or eat-in

Estimated Setup Cost (Initial Investment)

JPY20-30 million

approx. USD170,000-250,000 (excluding the property acquisition cost)



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