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Northshore Cafe Hanafru

Client: Franchise Japan Date: July 24, 2017 Category:

NORTHSHORE, (Nakamura Co., Ltd., Japan) is serving healthy food everyday.

To eat is always in the center as we live everyday.

As it is to repeat every day, it should be as pleasant as possible, as tasty as possible and as good for body as possible.

NORTHSHORE CAFE & DINING has plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious and healthy menus that use care for your body.


Store Concept

Enjoy being “eating” by all means in a comfortable and relaxing space.

Northshore Store Concept

Northshore Store Concept at Kobe

Northshore Store Concept at Kobe




November, 2014

Franchise type

Master franchisee

Franchise (contract) Fee

JPY 30 million

(approx. USD 250,000)

Size of Unit (Sqm.)

150 square meter, 50 seats

Estimated Setup Cost (Initial Investment)

Reference: JPY40 -50 million

approx. USD300,000-400,000

(excluding the property acquisition cost)



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