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“What is the right franchise brand for me?”

“What is the right franchise brand for me?”

is the question that entrepreneurs often ask.  Gnosis, a franchise specialist, has chosen the most popular international franchise brands, proven franchises for sale which have been very successful and have standard franchise system. They have both training and inspecting the quality of products and services, promote sales and marketing of franchisees to be a success. These businesses are suitable for investment in Thailand and the Asian region

ranchise brands are available in different models such as single unit, area development or master franchise.
Gnosis Company Limited supports Thai brands to go overseas are Banana Leaf, ATM Tea Bar, The Volcano Dessert, The Mango Garden, Veganerie, Leam Charoen Seafood, etc.
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There is a list of both Thai brands. And international brands as follows

  1. Little Ceasars Pizza (USA)
  2. The Boiling Crab (USA)
  3. Denny’s (USA)
  4. Chili’s (USA)
  5. Texas Chicken (USA) ต้องการนักลงทุนขยายในประเทศพม่าและกัมพูชา
  6. Little Sheep Hot Pot (China)
  7. Ace Hardware (USA)
  8. Scholastic World of English (USA)
  9. Qooco : the Solution to learn English and Mandarin 
  1. Delifrance: the French Food Bakery
  2. The Mango Garden (Thailand)
  3. The Volcano Premium Toast & Number One Cheese Toast (Thailand)
  4. ATM Tea Bar (Thailand)
  5. Banana Leaf (Thailand)
  6. Kidable (Thailand)
  7. Otteri Wash and Dry (Thailand)
  8. Fresh Me (Thailand)

ติดตามงานจับคู่ธุรกิจแบรนด์ต่าง ๆ ได้ที่ลิงค์นี้ Real Franchises

The Boiling Crab (USA)

Little Ceasars Pizza

Denny's (USA)

Texas Chicken (USA)


Little Sheep Hot Pot (China)

The Volcano Dessert

ATM Tea Bar

Ace Hardware (USA)

The Mango Garden


Banana Leaf Thai Restaurant

Otteri Wash and Dry

Kidable : Early Learning School

Scholastic World of English

Mosquito Squad

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