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Corporate Recovery Advisory ให้คำปรึกษาฟื้นฟูกิจการ

Corporate Recovery Advisory ให้คำปรึกษาฟื้นฟูกิจการ

Gnosis Company Limited assists our clients with maximizing asset and enterprise value, making operational performance adjustments, and by capitalizing the company, allow for financial turnaround.

We review each detail of the business process and investigate all operations and practices.  Due diligence will give a clear prospective of the situation and help the organisation to minimise risks and problems.

  • Representing clients in creditor negotiations
  • Alternatively, representing and advise creditors and creditor committee in maximizing their claims.
  • Advising companies seeking the solutions to reorganize under court protection
  • Advising to set in reaching consensual restructuring of debt and payment terms

The debt restructuring plan will be matched to the projected cash flow of the business.

Our products

  • Due diligence and viability review
  • Debt restructuring plan and term sheet
  • Monitoring assignment
  • Turnaround plan
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