FI03 Financial Budgeting & Forecast

Course Overview

The course is to provide the person skill of creating a financial budget for business decision in the future.  The skill is required more in the corporate environment, however, the small business also benefits from it as well.  It is the skill that will help business owners and corporate directors to get forecasted revenue, costs and expenses.  Creating budget also create collaborations between departments and divisions thru out the organization. The budget will mirror the business process and establish the evaluation factors.


  • Learn to set up assumptions and controllable factors
  • Prepare the budget and forecast
  • Combine the relation between budget and forecast to business decision making 
  • Review budget and forecast
  • test sensitivity analysis for comparison of scenarios and cases


Who should attend

Financial guys, Budget setter, CFO, Business owners.  Participants will bring their own laptops which already install MS excel2010 or above.

Course Outline

  • The planning process. 
  • Budgeting: in the beginning. Limited factors/resources, collaboration
  • Budgeting: the next stage. Sales forecast, set up budget according to work process
  • Budgeting: final stages. Investment factors and Sensitivity analysis
  • Budgeting: implementation. 
  • Application of quantitative techniques to budgeting.
  • Information technology and budgeting. Spreadsheets, databases and the internet