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Business expansion will be more productive when you have a good partners who lead your business to new markets. And it's even easier when you have connections or someone leads you to those business partners.

Gnosis Company Limited

We have provided the consultation since 2004 with the desire to create ecosystem for Thai entrepreneurs; competitive advantages, strong financial position, fund accessible and international expansion. With strong financial and investment backgrounds, our services include strategic planning, business planning, business valuation, financial planning and building franchise system. Gnosis collaborates with international partners to reach out to the world market.

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Gnosis's Franchise Strategy Plan has enabled Thailand's top nursing home, CARE-D, to expand and thrive. CARE-D Nursing home is in the group of Bangkok Healthcare Services, the experienced professional nursing home in Thailand, and Agy Hero, the Professional Elderly Care Business Solution.

CARE-D Nursing Home is franchising in 2024 with Gnosis’s approach

As Thailand’s population ages, the demand for high-quality elderly care services is increasing. CARE-D, Thailand’s top nursing home, has partnered with Gnosis, a leading provider of franchise development and consulting services, to expand its reach and provide exceptional care to a wider spectrum of elderly individuals.

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