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Gnosis's Franchise Strategy Plan has enabled Thailand's top nursing home, CARE-D, to expand and thrive. CARE-D Nursing home is in the group of Bangkok Healthcare Services, the experienced professional nursing home in Thailand, and Agy Hero, the Professional Elderly Care Business Solution.

CARE-D Nursing Home is franchising in 2024 with Gnosis’s approach

As Thailand’s population ages, the demand for high-quality elderly care services is increasing. CARE-D, Thailand’s top nursing home, has partnered with Gnosis, a leading provider of franchise development and consulting services, to expand its reach and provide exceptional care to a wider spectrum of elderly individuals.

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Gnosis and World Franchise Associates

World Franchise Associates collaboration with Gnosis

World Franchise Associates “WFA” offers programs to assist business owners to develop and market international franchises and to connect investors with the right brands. Sethaphong Phadungpisuth is the International Associate of WFA, based in Bangkok Thailand.

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Advantech StoreVue Inspection

StoreVue Inspection

Optimized Store Inspections with Digitalized Audits. Advantech’s StoreVue Inspection is an inspection management software to track performance and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

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Business Trip to study the Europe Franchise market

Mission trip to Franchise Expo Paris

The mission trip to explore the Franchise market in Europe, specially in France. Gnosis Company Limited, the partner with Asiawide Franchise Consultants Pte, invites you to join the business trip to the Franchise Expo Paris on March 16-22, 2019

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On April 26, 2012, Sethaphong Phadungpisuth, Managing Director of Gnosis Company Limited, was a guest speaker in the topic of “Driving Operational Excellence Through Innovation And IT Management In Finance Function To Create Value, Reduce Cost And Drive Efficiency” , which is one of the topics in the seminar of “MEASURING, OPTIMIZING, & TRANSFORMING FINANCE FUNCTION IN 2012” , which was organized by The Executive Alliance Company Limited.

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