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Corporate Finance Advisory


Gnosis Company Limited focuses particularly on corporate ongoing activities and growth. Corporate Finance Advisory Services that we offer are Liquidity Management, Growth Management and Risk Management, which cover several areas as follows:
  • Study and analyze corporate liquidity by using financial tools such as Corporate Cash Flow Management, including Cash Flow Projection preparation and Interpretation
  • For new investors or business expansion, Feasibility Study pluses Capital Budgeting in order to finalize Investment Decision and arrange Capital Structure – Financing Decision
  • Comprehensive assessment to reduce financial risks by involving in strategic planning and creating a customized financial model
  • Build effective Business Plan and Loan Request Package and present to and negotiate with Financial Institutes and general investors including Venture Capital Fund.

Corporate Recovery Advisory


Nowadays fluctuating economy has huge impact on organization especially in financial structure. We are the knowledgeable team who are eager to provide your company a Due Diligence and budgeting preparation including cash Flow Projection and Viability Review. Not only does we offer to build appropriate solid strategic plans. We will also be your negotiator to deal with debtors, creditors and others and prepare Debt Restructuring Plan and Term Sheet. Not every company is the same, there- fore, we offer integrated solutions perfectly matched the situation.

Transaction Advisory Service


In today’s fast-paced business environment and free trade area policy, across border international corporate moves on for new locations with lower settlement costs. Along with their cutting edge technologies, existing companies have to adapt and develop themselves for the extremely high competition. Besides, they need to focus their efforts on operating their businesses and concentrate on protecting the companies’ fundamental core competencies.
As the result, the operation action will ac- cordingly be involved with the business trans- action, in terms of Merger & Acquisition, Joint Venture or Business Partner and Takeover. We offer possible alternatives to suit the company and that ease shareholders and management through decision making process for such transaction, supported by Business Valuation and Share Valuation.

Business Advisory


Gnosis intend to synchronize our knowledge and experiences in many ways with new age technologies to enhance our customers’ competency and competitiveness with the following services:
Internal control both counseling and assessing for Finance and Accounting Department Management and Oversight plus cost management system and Management Accounting.
Categorize financial data and information for filing into Market for Alternative Investment (MAI) or The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).
Evaluate company’s needs of information system investment based on company strategic plans such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and other financial system. Together, working closely with our client’s staff to achieve the highest return on information technology investment

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Business Advisor

Gnosis helps you transform your business idea to practical strategic plan and financial plan to raise funds.

Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance Advisory

Gnosis advises the financial management, financial projection, investment assessment, financial analysis to reduce the risks and increase the business wealth.


Business Valuation

Gnosis prepares the Business Valuation report. We calculate the Fair Value with the international standard methodology.


Franchise Consultant

Gnosis builds the franchise strategic plan, investment and fee structure, franchise operation manual, and marketing plan. We set the Franchise standard for your solid business expansion.


Business Matching Service

Gnosis is the business matching professional in Thailand. We have the large database of buyer and seller including the business partner in local and international to close the deal successfully.