FI04 Financial Modeling on MS Excel

Course Overview

The course is to provide the person skill of creating a financial model for business decision.  The skill is required more in the corporate environment, however, the small business also benefits from it as well.  It is the skill that will help business owners and corporate directors to get numeric pictures of what would work and would not based on their assumptions.  By working on Microsoft Excel application, anyone who has been familiar with will learn the most of it.. The skill equips the participants with supported numbers for the better decision making.

Who should attend

Financial guys, CFO, Business owners.  Participants will bring their own laptops which already install MS excel2010 or above.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Financial Modelling
  • Purposes of Financial Models
  • Accounting refresher for financial modelling
  • Excel Finance Fundamentals
  • Historical Financial Statements
  • Modelling the Income Statement
  • Building a financial model of a company
  •  Modelling the Balance Sheet and the Supporting Schedule
  • Organization and structure of the Balance Sheet
  •  Overview of different supporting schedules used in the model
  •  Analysis of intangible assets
  • Setting up the CAPEX schedule, Amortization schedule, Debt schedule, Woking Capital schedule, Income tax schedule,Shareholder’s equity schedule, Dividend payouts
  • Modelling the Statement of Cash Flows.
  • Balancing the projected model
  • Use of plugs
  • Dealing with circular references
  • Automating the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and the Cash Flow Statement with all supporting schedules

Participants will get CD for case studies.